Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowed In

Just like most of the rest of you in Indiana, or the Midwest for that matter, I was snowed in today.  And by snowed in, I'm talking about work was cancelled and my husband was out of town so he couldn't shovel the driveway for me.  

And as I was driving my little one to the babysitter so I could clean my house for a little bit today, I couldn't help but fall in love with the snow-covered fields, trees, homes, everything!  There's something about snow that is just not one bit ugly.  It's magical and beautiful.  

So... instead of feeling anger towards the snow (like almost all the rest here), I decided to hit up Pinterest and look for inspiration.  

So, here's my "Great Day for a White Wedding" Board. 
Hope you Enjoy! 

If you see a favorite, comment below!  And make sure to hop on over to Pinterest & Follow us!  We can't wait to get going!  


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